Vocabulary: The family

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VOCABULARY: The family
Masculine Femenine Plural
Padre: Father Madre: Mother Padres/Madres: fathers/mothers In Spanish padres is used to refer to both sexes (it works as parents in English).
Abuelo: Grandfather Abuela: Grandmother Abuelos/as: Grandparents
Hermano: Brother Hermana: Sister Hermanos/as: Brothers and sisters
Hijo: Son Hija: Daughter Hijos/as: Sons, daughters
Tío: Uncle Tía: Aunt Tíos/as: Uncles, aunts
Primo: Cousin Prima: Cousin Primos/as: Cousins
Sobrino: Nephew Sobrina: Niece Sobrinos/as: Nephews, nieces
Cuñado: Brother-in-law Cuñada: Sister-in-law Cuñados/as: Brothers and sisters-in-law
Yerno: Son-in-law Nuera: Daughter-in-law Yernos/Nueras: Sons and daughters-in-law


VOCABULARY: Estado civil (marital status)
Casado/a: married
Divorciado/a: divorced
Separado/a: separated
Soltero/a: single
Viudo/a: widower/widow