Stage Vocabulary

  • Campanada: ringing, bell
    • To emit or cause to emit a sonorous or resonant sound, characteristic of certain metals when struck.
  • Capital: Capital, metropolis
    • The seat of government of a country or other political unit, (as modifier): a capital city.
    • Wealth available for or capable of use in the production of further wealth, as by industrial investment.
  • Caradura: scoundrel
  • Caricatura: caricature, cartoon
    • A pictorial, written, or acted representation of a person, which exaggerates his characteristic traits for comic effect.
    • A ludicrously inadequate or inaccurate imitation.
  • Chubasquero: raincoat
  • Circulación: circulation, traffic
    • The movement of vehicles, people, etc, in a particular place or for a particular purpose.
    • The spreading or transmission of something to a wider group of people or area.
  • Despistar: to mislead
    • To give false or misleading information to.
    • To be lost regarding an issue.
    • To get lost.