1 DICCIONARIO (A) – Diccionary – Stage Vocabulary

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Stage Vocabulary

  • Abandonar: to abandon, to give up
    • To forsake completely; desert; leave behind
    • To leave someone
  • Acudir: to come, to turn to
    • To move towards a specified person or place
    • Go to help or rescue somebody
    • Turn to somebody or manage by other
  • Acusado/acusar: accused/ to accuse, to charge
    • To charge somebody with some fault, offence, crime, etc
  • Antiguo: ancient, old
    • Having lived or existed for a relatively long time
    • Dating from very long ago
  • Aventura: adventure
    • An event whose final is imposible to know
    • An occasional love affair
  • Casa: house
  • Catastro: land registry list
  • Causar: to cause
  • Contrariedad: mishap, setback
    • An unfortunate event
  • Delicado: fragile
    • Able to be broken easily
  • Desayuno: breakfast
  • Doble: double
  • Fiable: reliable
    • Able to be trusted
    • Predictable or dependable
  • Forastero: foreigner, outsider
    • An outsider or interloper
    • A person from a foreign country
  • Habitación: room
  • Hospitalario: hospitable
    • Welcoming to guests or strangers
  • Hotel: hotel
  • Individual: individual, single
  • Incógnito: incognito
    • Unknown
    • Under an assumed name or appearance
  • Inscribirse: to sign up, to register
    • Register the name of a person in a list
    • Etch signs in metal, Stone or other material
  • Majo: nice
    • Nice and kind
  • Mango: Handle
    • The part of an utensil, drawer, designed to be held in order to move, use or pick up an object
    • Coger la sartén por el mango: to focus on the problem
  • Malentendido: misunderstanding
    • A failure to understand properly
  • Patoso: Clumsy
  • Patrimonio: heritage, patrimony
    • An inheritance, properties, lands…
  • Peregrinación: pilgrimage
    • A journey to a shrine or other sacred place
  • Pista: clue, floor, court
    • Something that helps to solve an unravel mistery
    • A surface designated to dancing
    • Enclosed area for practicing sports and games
  • Reservar: to save, to reserve
  • Revelar: to reveal, to disclose, to develop
    • Disclose a secret
    • Develop a photograph
  • Revisar: to check
    • To examine carefully
  • Rígido: rigid
    • Not bending
    • Severe, with rigid rules
  • Rufián: ruffian
    • A violent or lawless person
  • Sencilla: simple
  • Tarde: afternoon, evening/late
    • The period of the day between noon and evening
    • Ocurring or arriving after the correct or expected time
  • Traspapelar: mislay
    • To lose temporarily something
    • Put papers in the wrong place
  • Valía: value
    • The value of something
    • The moral principles or beliefs or accepted standards of a person.