2-05-03 DETERMINANTES DEMOSTRATIVOS – The demonstratives

  FOTOGRAMAS The demonstratives The demonstratives are a group of deictic elements (determiners, pronouns and adverbs) that allow to locate something in the space or in the time, and they indicate the distance in regards to the speaker and the listener. The can function as determiners or as pronouns. When they function as determiners, they Leer más2-05-03 DETERMINANTES DEMOSTRATIVOS – The demonstratives[…]

2-05-02 NACIONALIDADES – Nationalities (Demonyms)

  FOTOGRAMAS Nationalities (Demonyms)   COUNTRY LANGUAGE España español Francia francés Italia italiano Brasil/Portugal portugués Reino Unido/EEUU inglés Rusia ruso   Nationality adjectives COUNTRY/NATION GENDER NUMBER Masculine Femenine Singular Plural España español española españoles españolas Inglaterra inglés inglesa ingleses inglesas Escocia escocés escocesa escoceses escocesas Francia francés francesa franceses francesas Italia italiano italiana italianos italianas Leer más2-05-02 NACIONALIDADES – Nationalities (Demonyms)[…]

2-05-01 GÉNERO MASCULINO, FEMENINO Y NEUTRO – The gender of nouns

  FOTOGRAMAS The gender of nouns Some nouns that frequently describe people and animals, they use different forms for the feminine and the masculine. This type of nouns are called as heterónimos (heteronyms): : padre-madre, hombre-mujer, caballo-yegua, yerno-nuera, toro-vaca, gallo-gallina, etc. The nouns that describe objects, elements, feelings, activities, that is to say, sexless realities, Leer más2-05-01 GÉNERO MASCULINO, FEMENINO Y NEUTRO – The gender of nouns[…]