FOTOGRAMAS   THE FAMILY Masculine Female Plural Padre: Father Madre: Mother Padres/Madres (In Spanish padres is used to refer to both sexes (it works as parents in English)) Abuelo: Grandfather Abuela: Grandmother Abuelos/as Hermano: Brother Hermana: Sister Hermanos/as  Hijo: Son Hija: Daughter Hijos/as Tío: Uncle Tía: Aunt Tíos/as Primo: Cousin Prima: Cousin Primos/as Sobrino: Nephew Read more about THE FAMILY – LA FAMILIA[…]


PODER / QUERER + INFINITIVE The following formula is employed to request something of someone: PODER / QUERER + infinitive or PODER / QUERER + infinitive + atonic pronoun (me) Commonly, the verb is conjugated in the present tense and occasionally in conditional. The verb is accompanied by the infinitive (one of the invariable forms Read more about PEDIR COSAS – PODER / QUERER + INFINITIVE[…]

3-09-03 ADJETIVOS – DESCRIBIR PERSONAS – LOS COLORES – The adjectives – Descriptions: most used adjectives – The colours

 < Δ   Ο >  The adjectives Adjectives are variable words that accompany and describe the noun with which they agree in gender and number. It can carry out diverse functions and belong to different classes, according to the noun the adjective accompanies. There are two types of adjectives: qualifying and relational. Degrees Positive It indicates a Read more about 3-09-03 ADJETIVOS – DESCRIBIR PERSONAS – LOS COLORES – The adjectives – Descriptions: most used adjectives – The colours[…]


ETAPA 1 ETAPA 2 ETAPA 3 ETAPA 4 ETAPA 5 ETAPA 6 ETAPA 7 Ir al índice general           LECCIONES ETAPA 3 1. Pedir cosas – 2. Vocabulario: la familia – 3. Describir personas – 4. Adverbios de frecuencia – 5. Verbo soler – 6. Al / del – 7. Pronombres personales II – 8. Números del 11-100 – 9. Núm. Ordinales y la orientación – 10. Meses y estaciones – 11. La cocina – 12. Adverbios de lugar

(Español) 3-11-09 NÚMEROS CARDINALES, ORDINALES Y ORIENTACIÓN – Quantifiers – Directions

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