3-09-02 LA FAMILIA – The family

  FOTOGRAMAS The family Masculine Female Plural Padre: Father Madre: Mother Padres/Madres: fathers/mothers In Spanish padres is used to refer to both sexes (it works as parents in English) Abuelo: Grandfather Abuela: Grandmother Abuelos/as: Grandparents Hermano: Brother Hermana: Sister Hermanos/as: Brothers and sisters Hijo: Son Hija: Daughter Hijos/as: Sons, daughters Tío: Uncle Tía: Aunt Tíos/as: Leer más3-09-02 LA FAMILIA – The family[…]

3-09-01 PEDIR COSAS – PODER / QUERER + infinitive

  FOTOGRAMAS PODER / QUERER + infinitive The following formula is employed to request something of someone: PODER / QUERER + infinitive Or PODER / QUERER + infinitive + atonic pronoun (me) Commonly, the verb is conjugated in the present tense and occasionally in conditional. The verb is accompanied by the infinitive (one of the Leer más3-09-01 PEDIR COSAS – PODER / QUERER + infinitive[…]