4-14-04 PRONOMBRES POSESIVOS – Posesives

FOTOGRAMAS Posesives Possessives indicate who owns something. They can function as determiners or pronouns in the sentence: Este es mi perro/El perro es mío. POSSESSIVES PERFORMING AS DETERMINANT (unstressed prossesives) Unstressed possessives or determiners: they accompany the noun to indicate to whom something belongs, and they agree with it in gender and number.      Mi perro Ler mais sobre4-14-04 PRONOMBRES POSESIVOS – Posesives[…]

3-11-08 NÚMEROS DEL 11 AL 100

  FOTOGRAMAS CUANTIFICADORES Numerales  Cardinales 0 cero 5 cinco 10 diez 15 quince 1 uno 6 seis 11 once 16 dieciséis 2 dos 7 siete 12 doce 17 diecisiete 3 tres 8 ocho 13 trece 18 dieciocho 4 cuatro 9 nueve 14 catorce 19 diecinueve Numerales  Cardinales 20 veinte 80 ochenta 30 treinta 90 noventa Ler mais sobre3-11-08 NÚMEROS DEL 11 AL 100[…]


FOTOGRAMAS The pronoun Personal pronouns of object make reference to people or objects which receive an action and take part into it as well.   Singular Plural 1ª persona (yo, nosotros) Mi, me, conmigo Nos 2ª persona (tú, vosotros) Ti, te, contigo Os 3ª persona (él/ella, ellos/ellas) Si, se, consigo, lo/la, le Si, se, los/las, Ler mais sobrePRONOMBRES PERSONALES II – The pronoun II[…]